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I'm Sebastien Orban and I'm a hacker and a painter.

31 July 2014

App rot ?

Marco Arment, in one of his latest and insightful [post|] speak about the difficulty of having most of our application up to date withe latest shizbang. For that he tries to find lot of compelling explanation, but to be honest, it feels like it's more telling about programmer's fatigue than anything else : we are constantly pushed to learn new stuff, experiment with them, and be proficient in no time (I'm still waiting for the headhunter call for a job that ask for 4 years of Swift for example). It's hard if we're honest - framework evolve quite fast and get big as hell, new paradigm seem to appears (from mainframe to workstation to destkop to laptop to phone and tablet to...) and change the user mindset, users don't understand why we're not on top of everything, and it's true that we're not helped by the ranking in any app store at the moment. But. We have a job that lead us to litteraly creating the future (as per the famous word of Alan Kay : "the best way to predict the future is to invent it"), and living it. It's one of it's best perk if you're a creator - you're part of something so big it's hard to see a limit to it. Not only that, but if the current situation is hurting us, we can change it : the guys that started emacs, vi, or more recently LightTable