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I'm Sebastien Orban and I'm a hacker and a painter.

30 April 2015

LG Support - or lack of

I've dabbled in the dark side and I learned things - or I would, if I didn't got the feeling that I was treated as a lesser customer for my sins. Which sins, would you kindly ask ? Buying a Google branded smartphone from a global and well known supplier, from Amazon no less to worsen the deal. So strange things were bound to happen :

  • no more starting option
  • recovery boot constantly moving down
  • no charging either

A brick in disguise has much more use, since it's even too lightweight to keep papers in place. Armed with patience and courage, a transaction started with my local head of LG : they don't fix themselve problems, but call on another company. Why not, after all, delegating is one way to richess, no ? It only took them 4 weeks to give me the proper way of sending it to them, at my expense. Such a great timeline convince the phone owner to get a new iPhone before even hearing back from the fix... And fix there will not be : sudden attack of corrosion means we can offer them the paltry sum of 45€ to get it back, or let them dispose of it as they see fit. Now, maybe the issue arise with bad care - still, how can one not be dissapointed ? To get the final quote, it took nearly two month. To fix (replace...) a broken iPad mini, Apple took care of everything (at mostly their expense, with a delivery guys coming by to take the device and bringing it back, at my convenance) in less than a week. The iPad was cheaper, out of guarantees, and the issue was mine. Thanks LG.