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I'm Sebastien Orban and I'm a hacker and a painter.

16 May 2014

H.R Giger

Life is strange. When I was 13, I discovered an artist in a gaming magazine and I was strucked : we can do that ? How is this possible ? And more important : I want to do that ! It took some long years of work, lot of experimentation to find my current path, but still, it was the start of the journey. It was a spark, the most important one. Learning of his passing get me back to this time. To the naive experiment, the work, the frustration. To reflect not only of the past, but of the future, still full of possible, more so than ever.

To all those that inspire me daily, that give me the urge to create stuff, think, move : thank you. I'm forever in your debt, and will never forget it.